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1.0Every person has a responsibility to lead

Challenges of today’s governance and globalization require leaders. New leaders. The Next Generation.

Next Generation Leaders are dealing with emerging global forces: diversity, interdependence and permanent change.

Living is dealing with these forces. That’s why every person has a responsibility to lead.

Leadership for what? | The Leadership Group


1.1To reach out for progress

Leading to connect the forces of diversity, interdependence and change. Leading to unite others by building trusted relationships. Leading to create a better life for others and self. Next Generation Leaders take responsibility to strengthen each other.

The Leadership Group shares own research, knowledge and experience with scientists. Our daily work combines practice with scientific research.

If you lead | The Leadership Group

If you lead

1.2You would like to become a better leader

You are in a position to take the responsibility to lead.

You feel the responsibility to use all your talents. You like to expand your experience and knowledge. You want to know more about others and yourself.

You unfold a deeper interest in modifying the attitudes and behaviours of yourself and others to achieve mutually valued goals.

You have a desire to connect.

You would like to become a better leader.

What do we offer?| The Leadership Group

What do we offer?

2.0We start where you are at this moment in time and life

We expand your experience and knowledge based on proven insights. We help you to detect and express all your talents. We develop self-understanding, self-acceptance and self-respect in order to gain the respect of others. We will encourage you to create meaning, to show passion, to be creative, to interact and to empower others.

We enable you to become a trusted leader and follower.

We would like you to take responsibility to improve each other.

Programmes | The Leadership Group


2.1Unique leadership programmes for different sectors

In preparation, we connect to the existing knowledge and experience of the participants and define the desired outcomes.

Every programme differs. Annual programmes are always redesigned by the latest insights and developments. What all programmes have in common is our personal commitment to offer the best experience and deepest awareness ever. The main focus is to practice: to enable participants to make a difference the next day!

Examples of sectors where we co-created programmes are finance, food and nutrition, academic education, government and transport.

Workshops | The Leadership Group


2.2Intensive workshops from 4 to 24 hours

In preparation, we connect to the existing knowledge and experience of the participants and define the desired outcomes. The outcome is always personal therefore workshops should have a personal approach.

Every workshop is designed by the latest insights and developments. What all have in common is our personal commitment to offer the best experience and deepest awareness ever. No workshop is ever the same. You choose the focus.

Workshops are given in-company or within the leadership programmes of our academic partners. Professionals are here for you to become the leader you need to be.

Training & Coaching | The Leadership Group


2.3Individual support to meet the challenges of leading

Many of our clients ask us for individual coaching on leadership skills. We coach and train individuals with over thirty years of leadership experience. Others just start to lead. Coaching can help to get to the essence of the right questions.

In preparation, we connect to existing knowledge and experience and define the steps to reach out for the desired outcomes. During the coaching we use the latest 360 tests to get an objective view of different leadership qualities.

Coaching and training might take some weeks or might be set up for some years. Subjects in every meeting are the actual challenges you are facing at that moment in time.

Leadership for what? | The Leadership Group

Intervening behavioral patterns

2.4Individual support to meet the challenges of change

In recent times, our efficiency has become a natural expectation. We are often intrinsically motivated to do our best in order to reach our goals.

However, sometimes we are surprised to find we are stuck on certain issues. We repeat the same inefficient behavioural patterns despite our sincerest or most passionate attempts to move forward.

The Immunity to Change one day workshop is designed to identify and influence the core of our unconscious system of beliefs. This system may prevent us from making the progress we desire. During the program, you will get a deeper insight into the interconnection of thoughts behind your behaviour. You will also learn to challenge your implicit assumptions. After this workshop you will be able to break through a resistance to change.

The Group | The Leadership Group

The Group

3.0A diverse group of professionals

Members of The Leadership Group:

Ted Baartmans (The Netherlands)
Azadeh Davari (Iran/United States)
Mark Gerzon (United States)
Jonathan Gosling (United Kingdom)
Yori Kamphuis (The Netherlands)
Jean Lipman-Blumen (United States)
Martine Pennings (The Netherlands)
Arash Rashidi (Iran)
Jonathan Reams (Norway)
Bonnitta Roy (Unites States)
Johannes Willms (Germany)

Since 2000, our interdisciplinary group of experts connects on leadership. We strengthen each other in leadership programs, trainings and conference workshops.

With expectations of participants in mind, we search for the best selection of group members who are dedicated to exceed these expectations.

One of the common denominators of the group: a deep desire to learn about leadership, people, communication and human behavior in a variety of cultures.

We like to share experiences and insights. Together, we will improve each other to reach out for peace and progress.

Ted | The Leadership Group


3.1Ted Baartmans

Managing Director and Founder of The Leadership Group

Ted has been working in leadership and communication consultancy, working with an immense variety of clients and people for two decades. With his geographical and anthropology background, he has been invited to develop and establish leadership projects all over the world. Ted helps companies and people to move past difficult times, manage their image in (inter) national media, and maximise their leadership potential.

Staff | The Leadership Group


3.2Maureen Kamoen & Bianca Oudheusden

Maureen and Bianca are the tireless workers behind the scenes of The Leadership Group. They both have a great deal of experience in office management, communication, and ensure that all aspects of The Leadership Group keep running smoothly.

Student? | The Leadership Group


3.3Work with us during an internship

The Leadership Group offers students and young professionals from abroad an internship of 5 months twice a year (September-January and February-June). We welcome applicants in communication, psychology, political studies, anthropology and related areas, who have keen interest in our work and network. In case you have any questions regarding the internship at The Leadership Group, get in touch.

Over the past ten years we have guided over eighty students. Nicolien about the internship: “During my studies I have learned a lot, at The Leadership Group I could finally apply this knowledge. It was a great experience working for The Leadership Group. The open and safe atmosphere really shaped my view of how a workplace should be. You are not only guided in your professional development but also in your personal growth.”

Are you studying in the field of communication, psychology, organizations, governance, sociology, marketing, management or leadership? Contact us!

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4.0To exceed your expectations and meet your challenges, please contact us

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